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Azar Energy Pilot Plants

Azar Energy Co. has three pilots for testing their trays. The Following table shows the specification of these commercial scales pilot plants.

Two of these pilots are for testing centrifugal trays and one for other tray types. As the table shows column diameters are in commercial scales. 1.22 m and 3m.
Before installation of trays in the plants, the hydraulic tests of trays
 are done in these pilots at
 operating condition and determine the trays operating windows. It
 is possible to change the trays in
 each pilot and have comparisons between trays performance at same operating conditions.
Column B – diameter= 3 m 
Pilot Towers A1 and A2 - Azar Energy Research and
 Development Center, Tabriz. Iran

Pilot Towers A1 and A2 - Azar Energy Research and
 Development Center, Tabriz. Iran
Some important tests which are done In these pilots , are as following  :
1)    Tray pressure drop

2)    Weeping  

3)    Entrainment

4)    Liquid holdup

5)    Clear liquid height

6)    Froth height

7)    Tray efficiency
Different type of trays tested in the Azar Energy pilots:
In our pilots many new types of trays was examined compared by each other. Depending on the operating and processing conditions the company suggests one of these types of trays.
New Type of Tray innovated by Azar Energy Co. :
 Vacuum Tray
vacuum Tray­­­­­­­
Fixed Valve Tray:
 Radial Jet Tray
Radial Jet Tray: 
Radial Jet Tray
Valve Tray: 
Centrifugal tray :

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