About Azar Energy

Azar Energy Co. is a manufacturer of Oil, gas, refining and petrochemical equipment. The company specializes in design as well as manufacturing, production and installation thanks to its experienced and professional personnel and modern machinery.

Parallel to its regular activities as a manufacturer, Azar Energy has successfully established its research and development center and followingly invented a special type of tray registered by Iran Industrial Property General Office at 14 February 2005 which shows better results due to its high efficiency in comparison with the foreign samples. The invented tray has successfully reduced H2S content of the crude oil from 3800 ppm to 40 ppm at West Oil & Gas Production co. (WOGPC) Dehloran site and Tabriz petrochemical co. where it has been installed for the first time and is still under service showing best quality, highest efficiency and lowest pollution. Azarenergy trays successfully reduced H2S content while common valve trays made by Glitch failed to go below 450 ppm.

In the further research activities of the R & D unit, with the support and encouragement of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, for the first time in the country, Azarenergy succeeded in producing a light cut of products from Vacuum Bottom. The sample gained by mechanical cracking process of the Vacuum Bottom has been sent to the Oil Refining Institute and it has been confirmed after the cracking test.

As acknowledged by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, which is also available on its website, Azarenergy succeeded in getting 5 light petroleum products from the crude oil to 8 light-oil crumbs in the process carried out on Vacuum Bottom.

Continuation of these activities helped Azarenergy to gain design and manufacturing skills necessary for internals. Azarenergy in a competition with foreign companies successfully completed the following projects within shortest Overhaul time and highest quality possible :Vacuum Revamping Tower151 project of Tehran petrochemical company at 1996 (for which design and supervision was done by Sulzer and manufacturing and Shop drawing was done by Azarenergy ), Pall Ring and all internals of columns of Ethylene Glycol unit  for Arak petrochemical at 1998, all trays of phase II at Shahid Hasheminejad Gas refinery at 2000, all Pentane project essentials for  Kermanshah oil refining at 2001-2002, Bandar abbas oil refining company at 2002 , Isfahan oil refining company at 2003 and all internals of Pentane project of Tabriz oil refining company including Pickings, Distributor, Redistributors and mix drums at 2004 plus Scallop project for Tabriz oil refinery at 2004 and construction of towers for Arak petrochemical at 2005.        

Also design and installation of Khandab heavy water plant was done by Azarenergy. The project which was just like other projects done in shortest period of time possible and highest quality caused Azarenergy to be awarded by several certificates of Appreciation.

Thanks to efforts of all its employees Azarenergy got certified with ISO 9001:2008 standard by TÜV NORD Germany.

Our aim is to produce high quality products complying with the international standards and feasible price along with continuous improvement in quality of the products to achieve customer satisfaction.


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