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In the Name Of God
In order to improve the quality of its goods Azarenergy Co, has chosen ISO 9001:2008 Standard and defines its policy as follows:
1.Customer Satisfaction
Customers are the center of our attention and the guarantor of our survival and progress so that to fulfill our obligations is through the preservation and promotion of product quality, and the identification and understanding of the needs and expectations of the customer.
2. Continuous improvement: 
In order to increase customer satisfaction and maintain the current market, continuous improvement in processes, products and quality management system is at the main priority of work principles of this organization.
3. Continuous employee training
employees are the most precious treasure for the organization so that in order to improve their skills and abilities, necessary trainings are organized and implemented. 
 4.Emphasis on research and development:
 For self-sufficiency in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, reducing dependence and countering foreign sanctions, protecting the environment, access to new markets, creating diversification of products, entering the global markets, making proper and cost-effective design special attention will be paid to research and development. 
I believe in full compliance with the above policy and its annual review, implementation of its provisions is dependent on the participation of all employees, while wishing success for colleagues, I expect them to work on the continuous implementation and improvement of the quality system.


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