Structured Packing
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 by مدیر محتوا

Structured packing is an important part of wide range of mass and heat transfer equipments; Some of its advantages includes:

1-Increasing the contact surface and mass transfer between the liquid and vapor phases, which is due to special structure of these packings, and increases product quality or decreases tower height.

2-Reducing pressure drop, which reduces the boiling point of components, the pressure of tower bottom section, and heat duty and thus saves energy.

3-Increasing vapor and liquid transfer space in the tower, which reduces liquid accumulation and pressure drop, and increases tower capacity.

So, to reduce energy consumption and increase tower capacity, and improve the quality of products, if the operating conditions are suitable, replacing structured packings in the towers has become a viable and economical way to increase the efficiency of separation in towers.

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